Fabric CA User’s Guide


Where is the Fabric CA User’s Guide?

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The Fabric CA User’s Guide is provided at: hyperledger-fabric-ca.readthedocs.io/en/release-1.4/users-guide.html.

The Fabric CA User’s Guide provides information on the following topics:

Getting Started
    Explore the Fabric CA CLI
Configuration Settings
    A word on file paths
Fabric CA Server
    Initializing the server
    Starting the server
    Configuring the database
    Configuring LDAP
    Setting up a cluster
    Setting up multiple CAs
    Enrolling an intermediate CA
    Upgrading the server
    Operations Service
Fabric CA Client
    Enrolling the bootstrap identity
    Registering a new identity
    Enrolling a peer identity
    Getting Identity Mixer credential for a user
    `Getting Idemix CRI`_
    Reenrolling an identity
    Revoking a certificate or identity
    Generating a CRL (Certificate Revocation List)
    Attribute-Based Access Control
    Dynamic Server Configuration Update
    Enabling TLS
    Contact specific CA instance
    Configuring Fabric CA server to use softhsm2
File Formats
    Fabric CA server’s configuration file format
    Fabric CA client’s configuration file format


Requirements for Fabric CA Server and Client

Fabric Network without CA Server

Fabric CA (Certificate Authority)

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