Start Fabric CA Server Natively


How to Start Fabric CA Server Natively?



You can follow this tutorial to Start Fabric CA Server Natively.

1. Shutdown existing Fabric CA Server or any process (or docker container) that is using port 7054.

$ docker ps | grep fabric-ca
hyperledger/fabric-ca:amd64-1.4.0   Up 9 days>7054/tcp

$ docker stop

2. Create a working directory to run Fabric CA Server:

$ mkdir fabric-ca/native-server
$ cd fabric-ca/native-server

3. Start Fabric CA Server natively:

$ $GOPATH/bin/fabric-ca-server start -b admin:adminpw &

[INFO] Configuration file location: ./fabric-ca-server-config.yaml
[INFO] Starting server in home directory: ./
[INFO] Server Version: 1.4.2
[INFO] Server Levels: &{Identity:2 Affiliation:1 Certificate:1 Credential:1 RAInfo:1 Nonce:1}
[INFO] The certificate is at: ./ca-cert.pem
[INFO] Initialized sqlite3 database at ./fabric-ca-server.db
[INFO]    secret key file location: ./msp/keystore/IssuerSecretKey
[INFO]    public key file location: ./IssuerPublicKey
[INFO]    private key file location: ./msp/keystore/IssuerRevocationPrivateKey
[INFO]    public key file location: ./IssuerRevocationPublicKey
[INFO] Home directory for default CA: ./
[INFO] Operation Server Listening on
[INFO] Listening on

$ jobs
[1]+  Running  $GOPATH/bin/fabric-ca-server start -b admin:adminpw &

As you can see, Fabric CA Server is running natively with a default admin identity: admin:adminpw. It is listening at 2 ports: 9443 for operation requests, and 7054 for client requests.


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