"fabric-ca-client identity list" - List Identities


How to List Identities with the "fabric-ca-client identity list" command?

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If you want get a list of identities from the Fabric CA Server, you can run the "fabric-ca-client identity list" command:

$ export FABRIC_CA_CLIENT_HOME=~/fabric-ca/native-client/admin
$ ~/go/bin/fabric-ca-client identity list

Name: admin, Type: client, Affiliation: , Max Enrollments: -1, 
Attributes: [{Name:hf.Registrar.Attributes Value:* ECert:false} 
{Name:hf.AffiliationMgr Value:1 ECert:false} 
{Name:hf.Registrar.Roles Value:* ECert:false} 
{Name:hf.Registrar.DelegateRoles Value:* ECert:false} 
{Name:hf.Revoker Value:1 ECert:false} 
{Name:hf.IntermediateCA Value:1 ECert:false} 
{Name:hf.GenCRL Value:1 ECert:false}]

As you can see, the admin identity is mapped to admin certificate with the same name. In this case, the identify and its certificate are named as "admin".

On the Fabric CA Server side, you see this log message:

[INFO] GET /identities 200 0 "OK"


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