Requirements for Registering New Identities


What are requirements for Registering New Identities?



With the Fabric CA Client tool, you can register new identities on the Fabric CA Server, if you meet the following requirements:

1. You, as the registrar, must have an identity in your wallet that has the "hf.Registrar.Roles" attribute with a value matching the type of the new identify you are registering.

For example, if my identity has "Name:hf.Registrar.Roles Value:peer,app,user", then I can register new identities of "peer", "app", or "user" types.

2. My identity affiliation must be equal to or a prefix of the affiliation of the identity being registered.

3. You can only specify attributes to the new identity if you have the corresponding permissions.

By default, the default "admin" identity created by the Fabric CA Server does have all permissions to create any types of new identity.


"fabric-ca-client register" - Register Second Admin

"fabric-ca-client identity list" - List Identities

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