"docker container list" - List Container Command


How to list containers on the Docker Engine with "docker container list" command?

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The "docker container list" command allows you to list containers that are on the Docker engine.

Here is a list of options supported by "docker container list":

fyicenter$ docker container list --help

Usage:  docker container ls [OPTIONS]

List containers

  ls, ps, list

  -a, --all             Show all containers (default shows just running)
  -f, --filter filter   Filter output based on conditions provided
      --format string   Pretty-print containers using a Go template
  -n, --last int        Show n last created containers (includes all
                        states) (default -1)
  -l, --latest          Show the latest created container (includes all
      --no-trunc        Don't truncate output
  -q, --quiet           Only display numeric IDs
  -s, --size            Display total file sizes

The "docker container list" command without any option shows only containers that are currently running. If you want to see containers of other statuses, use "docker container list --all".

The "docker container list" command can also be shortened as "docker ps".


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