What Is NVIDIA CUDA Docker Image


What is NVIDIA CUDA Docker Image?

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NVIDIA CUDA docker image is the Docker image designed by NVIDIA to enable portability in Docker images that leverage NVIDIA GPUs. It allowed driver agnostic CUDA images and provided a Docker command line wrapper that mounted the user mode components of the driver and the GPU device files into the container at launch.

Docker containers encapsulate applications’ dependencies to provide reproducible and reliable execution. The NVIDIA Docker plugin enables deployment of GPU-accelerated applications across any Linux GPU server with NVIDIA Docker support.

NVIDIA CUDA Docker for GPU Server
NVIDIA CUDA Docker for GPU Server

For more technical information, see https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/nvidia-docker-gpu-server-application-deployment-made-easy/.


"docker pull nvidia/cuda" - Download Docker Image

NVIDIA GPU Server Docker Image

NVIDIA GPU Server Docker Image

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