Dump Azure AD v1 Authentication Response


How to build a PHP script to dump Azure AD v1.0 Authentication Response?

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If you are use the Azure-AD-Authentication-Request-Test.html test Web form, you need to write a server side script to dump the Azure AD Authentication Response.

Here is an example of PHP script, openID_receiver.php, that dumps all attributes received in the Authentication Response:

$id_token = $_REQUEST["id_token"];
$code = $_REQUEST["code"];
$token = $_REQUEST["token"];
$state = $_REQUEST["state"];
$error = $_REQUEST["error"];
$error_description = $_REQUEST["error_description"];

echo "id_token: $id_token\n";
echo "code: $code\n";
echo "token: $token\n";
echo "state: $state\n";
echo "error: $error\n";
echo "error_description: $error_description\n";

Upload this script to your Web server, and use it as the redirect_uri value in the Azure-AD-Authentication-Request-Test.html test page.

Here is an example of output returned by openID_receiver.php with "response_type=id_token" in the request:

id_token: eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1Qi...eyJhdWQiOiJiMTRh...UJQrCA6qn2bXq57q...
code: AQABAAIAAACJnLyvTTQE_LkX_Hd1_HKVGtHVJwp0r3ToIvBMns4dpW31lq...
state: yyyyyy

See other tutorials on how to decode and validate "id_token" and "code" values.


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