"configtxgen" Command - Build genesis.block


How to run "configtxgen" command to build the orderer genesis block for BYFN (Build Your First Network)?

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You can follow this tutorial to run "configtxgen" command to build Orderer Genesis Block for BYFN.

The "configtxgen" command file is located in the ../bin directory. It takes the configtx.yaml file as the input with the help of FABRIC_CFG_PATH environment variable:

$ cd hyperledger-binaries/fabric-samples/first-network

$ export FABRIC_CFG_PATH=./
$ mkdir ./channel-artifacts
$ ../bin/configtxgen -profile TwoOrgsOrdererGenesis -channelID byfn-sys-channel \
   -outputBlock ./channel-artifacts/genesis.block

...[common.tools.configtxgen] main -> INFO 001 Loading configuration
...[common.tools.configtxgen.localconfig] completeInitialization \
   -> INFO 002 orderer type: solo
...[common.tools.configtxgen.localconfig] Load -> INFO 003 Loaded configuration: \
...[common.tools.configtxgen.localconfig] completeInitialization \
   -> INFO 004 orderer type: solo
...[common.tools.configtxgen.localconfig] LoadTopLevel -> INFO 005 Loaded configuration: \
...[common.tools.configtxgen] doOutputBlock -> INFO 006 Generating genesis block
...[common.tools.configtxgen] doOutputBlock -> INFO 007 Writing genesis block

The orderer genesis block is generated in the ./channel-artifacts sub-directory and named as "genesis.block":

$ ls -l ./channel-artifacts

-rw-r--r-- 1 fyicenter 12988 Apr  1 01:26 genesis.block


"configtxgen" Command - Build channel.tx

BYFN configtx.yaml Configuration File

BYFN (Build Your First Network)

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