Types of Hyperledger Fabric Docker Containers


How many types of Hyperledger Fabric Docker Containers are there?

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In a typical Hyperledger Fabric network (using goleveldb instead of couchdb), you will have 4 types containers running on the Docker Engine:

1. Orderer container - In a simple Hyperledger Fabric network, there is only one Orderer container that keeps all peer nodes in sync.

2. Peer container - There can be one or more Peer containers owned by a single organization. Peer containers are served as communication gateways to external systems

3. Chaincode container - There can be one or chaincode containers connected to a peer. Each chaincode container represents a copy of a chaincode instance running by the peer.

4. CLI container - There is only one CLI container, which serves as a CLI (command line interface) for the administrator to manage the network. The CLI container does not participate any operation of any chaincode.

If you deploy the sample network BYFN (Building Your First Network) with the default database option (goleveldb), you will see 4 types of docker containers running on a single Docker Engine:

$ byfn.sh up

$ docker ps --all 

IMAGE                                      COMMAND               NAMES
hyperledger/fabric-orderer:latest          orderer               orderer.example.com
hyperledger/fabric-peer:latest             peer node start       peer0.org1.example.com
hyperledger/fabric-peer:latest             peer node start       peer0.org2.example.com
hyperledger/fabric-peer:latest             peer node start       peer1.org1.example.com
hyperledger/fabric-peer:latest             peer node start       peer1.org2.example.com
dev-peer0.org2.example.com-mycc-1.0-03c5…  chaincode -peer.add…  dev-peer0.org2.example.com-mycc-1.0
dev-peer0.org1.example.com-mycc-1.0-04da…  chaincode -peer.add…  dev-peer0.org2.example.com-mycc-1.0
hyperledger/fabric-tools:latest            /bin/bash"            cli

Hyperledger Fabric Docker Containers


Watch "orderer" Container Log

Hyperledger Fabric Docker Containers

Hyperledger Fabric Docker Containers

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