Inspect Docker Container Configuration


How to Inspect the Configuration of a Docker Container?



You can use the "docker inspect" command to view the Configuration of a given Docker Container.

For example, Let's look at the configuration of the peer0.org1 container of the BYFN network.

$ docker inspect

        "Id": "b812096b622be73f9bdbe0f096b9957e37a53c50746c75952a0b686cee928a19",
        "Created": "2019-04-01T01:09:49.607879144Z",
        "Path": "peer",
        "Args": [
        "State": {
            "Status": "running",
            "Running": true,
            "Paused": false,
            "Restarting": false,
            "OOMKilled": false,
            "Dead": false,
            "Pid": 14252,
            "ExitCode": 0,
            "Error": "",
            "StartedAt": "2019-04-01T01:10:02.091036913Z",
            "FinishedAt": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z"
        "Image": "sha256:8f3fb50f79a6ccf341cad11a6c0eb29eaffd5f60d9fc0d1ddfa8fe9c7b7bdb9e",
        "ResolvConfPath": "/var/lib/docker/containers/b812096b622be73f9bdbe0.../resolv.conf",
        "HostnamePath": "/var/lib/docker/containers/b812096b622be73f9bdbe0f0.../hostname",
        "HostsPath": "/var/lib/docker/containers/b812096b622be73f9bdbe0f096b.../hosts",
        "LogPath": "/var/lib/docker/containers/b812096b622be73f9bdbe0f096b99...-json.log",
        "Name": "/",
        "RestartCount": 0,
        "Driver": "overlay2",
        "Platform": "linux",
        "MountLabel": "",
        "ProcessLabel": "",
        "AppArmorProfile": "docker-default",
        "ExecIDs": null,

        "...": ""

The output provides you a number of configurations about this Docker container. For example, the log file of this container is located at directory "/var/lib/docker/containers/b812096b622be73f9bdbe0f096b9957e37a53c50746c75952a0b686cee928a19".


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