CouchDB Server Admin Web Portal


What is CouchDB Server Admin Web Portal?



If you are running BYFN (Build Your First Network) with the CouchDB option, the World State of each peer node is stored a CouchDB server running as Docker container.

The CouchDB server supports an admin web portal that allows you manage the CouchDB server, its databases and documents in each database.

1. Run a Web browser and enter the following URL to use the Web portal CouchDB container linked to peer0.org1:

You see a list of databases on this CouchDB container:

_replicator  2.3 KB  1  
_users  2.3 KB  1  
mychannel_  13.8 KB  2  
mychannel__lifecycle  50.1 KB  0  
mychannel_lscc  0.7 KB  1  
mychannel_mycc  2.7 KB  2

Click on "mychannel_mycc", you see 2 documents representing 2 assets managed by "mycc" chaincode on "mychannel" channel.

CouchDB Server Admin Web Portal


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