Reinstall basic-network with Latest Images


How to Reinstall basic-network with Latest Images?



You follow this tutorial to Reinstall basic-network with Latest Images.

1. Run script to remove containers and their images related to the basic-network:

$ cd ~/hyperledger-binaries/fabric-samples/basic-network

$ ./
Removing ... done
Removing    ... done
Removing couchdb                ... done
Removing         ... done
Removing network net_basic

2. Check for all Hyperledger Fabric related images:

$ docker images | grep fabric

REPOSITORY              TAG     CREATED        SIZE
hyperledger/fabric-ca   1.4.0   3 months ago   244MB

3. Remove each of those images manually:

$ docker rmi hyperledger/fabric-ca:1.4.0

Untagged: hyperledger/fabric-ca:1.4.0
Untagged: hyperledger/fabric-ca@sha256:c1dce534d9e9202697e0aaad7c55...

4. Re-run to download all images again:

$ ./

Creating network "net_basic" with the default driver
Pulling (hyperledger/fabric-ca:)...
latest: Pulling from hyperledger/fabric-ca
34667c7e4631: Pull complete
d18d76a881a4: Pull complete
119c7358fbfc: Pull complete
2aaf13f3eff0: Pull complete
3f89de4cf84b: Pull complete
24194f819972: Pull complete
a3d7dc54e295: Pull complete
9a3c9a0ecc41: Pull complete
7.663MB/7.663MBownload complete
e1f5909edf17: Download complete
 17.65MB/18.76MBwnload complete

5. Check all Docker containers of basic-network:

$ docker ps

IMAGE                        STATUS          NAMES
hyperledger/fabric-peer      Up 25 seconds
hyperledger/fabric-orderer   Up 34 seconds
hyperledger/fabric-couchdb   Up 32 seconds   couchdb
hyperledger/fabric-ca        Up 33 seconds

6. Check all Docker images of basic-network:

$ docker images | grep fabric

REPOSITORY                   TAG      CREATED        SIZE

hyperledger/fabric-ca        latest   7 days ago     252MB
hyperledger/fabric-orderer   latest   7 days ago     173MB
hyperledger/fabric-peer      latest   7 days ago     178MB
hyperledger/fabric-couchdb   latest   4 weeks ago    1.5GB

As you can see, we are running basic-network with the latest images now.


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