ERROR(PKG-006) - Mimetype Not the First


How to fix the "ERROR(PKG-006) - Mimetype file entry is missing or is not the first file ..." error?



When you validate a EPUB 2.0 package with EpubCheck, you may see the following error:

C:\fyicenter> java -jar epubcheck.jar Error-Mimetype-Not-First-2.0.epub

Validating using EPUB version 2.0.1 rules.
ERROR(PKG-006): Error-Mimetype-Not-First-2.0.epub(-1,-1): 
  Mimetype file entry is missing or is not the first file in the archive.

Check finished with errors
Messages: 0 fatals / 1 error / 0 warnings / 0 infos

EPUBCheck completed

Download Error-Mimetype-Not-First-2.0.epub. Look at the file list in the package with the "zip -l" command on a Linux/Mac computer:

fyicenter$ unzip -l Error-Mimetype-Not-First-2.0.epub 

Archive:  ../Error-Mimetype-Not-First-2.0.epub
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
        0  07-22-2018 15:42   META-INF/
      245  04-15-2018 14:32   META-INF/container.xml
      236  07-22-2018 21:24   content.xhtml
      530  01-31-2022 09:28   navigation.xml
      703  07-22-2018 23:07   package.opf
       20  01-31-2022 10:28   mimetype
---------                     -------
     1734                     6 files

You see that "mimetype" file is listed at the end.

You can fix the error by re-build the EPUB package file by adding "mimetype" first as shown below:

C:\fyicenter>WinRAR a -afzip Hello-2.0.epub mimetype
C:\fyicenter>WinRAR a Hello-2.0.epub META-INF\container.xml
C:\fyicenter>WinRAR a Hello-2.0.epub package.opf
C:\fyicenter>WinRAR a Hello-2.0.epub navigation.xhmtl
C:\fyicenter>WinRAR a Hello-2.0.epub content.xhtml


ERROR(PKG-005) - Mimetype Has Extra Field

Common Errors in Reported by EpubCheck

Common Errors in Reported by EpubCheck

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