Download and Install Kindle for PC


How to Download and Install Kindle for PC?



You can follow this tutorial to download and install Kindle for PC on your Windows computer.

1. Go to Kindle download site.

2. Click "Download for PC" button. You see download started.

3. Save the download file to \fyicenter\KindleForPC-installer-1.21.48017.exe.

4. Run \fyicenter\KindleForPC-installer-1.21.48017.exe to start the installation.

5. Finish installation with default settings.

6. Search and run "Kindle for PC". You see "Kindle for PC" running.

The picture below shows you how to download "Kindle for PC" on Windows systems:

Download Kindle for PC
Download Kindle for PC


Run and Register Kindle for PC

What Is Kindle for PC

Kindle for PC

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