"docker search alpine" - Search for Alpine Image


How to Search for Alpine Docker Image with the "docker search alpine" command?

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If you want to try the Alpine Docker Image, you can use the "docker search alpine" command to find the correct version of the image from the registry.

fyicenter$ docker search alpine

NAME                      DESCRIPTION                                     STARS  OFFICIAL
alpine                    A minimal Docker image based on Alpine Linux…   5298   [OK]
mhart/alpine-node         Minimal Node.js built on Alpine Linux           430
anapsix/alpine-java       Oracle Java 8 (and 7) with GLIBC 2.28 over A…   408            
frolvlad/alpine-glibc     Alpine Docker image with glibc (~12MB)          202            
gliderlabs/alpine         Image based on Alpine Linux will help you wi…   180
alpine/git                A  simple git container running in alpine li…   82             
kiasaki/alpine-postgres   PostgreSQL docker image based on Alpine Linux   43             
davidcaste/alpine-tomcat  Apache Tomcat 7/8 using Oracle Java 7/8 with…   34             
easypi/alpine-arm         AlpineLinux for RaspberryPi                     32
alpine/socat              Run socat command in alpine container           29             
envoyproxy/envoy-alpine   Images for tagged releases. Use envoy-alpine…   29
jfloff/alpine-python      A small, more complete, Python Docker image …   25             
byrnedo/alpine-curl       Alpine linux with curl installed and set as …   24             
hermsi/alpine-sshd        OpenSSH-server upon a slim and vanilla alpin…   21             
hermsi/alpine-fpm-php     Dockerize your FPM PHP 7.3 upon a lightweigh…   16             
zenika/alpine-chrome      Chrome running in headless mode in a tiny Al…   12             
graze/php-alpine          Smallish php7 alpine image with some common …   12             
spotify/alpine            Alpine image with `bash` and `curl`.            9              
tenstartups/alpine        Alpine linux base docker image with useful p…   8              
alpine/httpie             httpie running in docker alpine (python3+pip…   6              
govuk/gemstash-alpine     Gemstash server running on Alpine               3              
smartentry/alpine         alpine with smartentry                          0              

As you can see, the first entry, "alpine", from the search output has the most STARS and is marked as OFFICIAL. So it must be the official Alpine Docker Image.

Other Alpine images provides Alpine Linux system with additional packages installed. You can use them instead of building them yourself.

For example, "jfloff/alpine-python" is a Docker image of Alpine Linux system with Python installed.


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