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ERROR(OPF-030) - unique-identifier Not Found
How to fix the "ERROR(OPF-030) - The unique-identifier ... was not found" error? When you validate a EPUB 2.0 package with EpubCheck, you may see the following error: C:\fyicenter&gt; java -jar epubcheck.jar Error-Unique-ID-Not-Found-2.0. epubValidating using EPUB version 2.0.1 rules. ERROR(OPF-...
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Guest Post Submission Inquiry
Stephanie again here. I forgot to mention my Mail. Stephaniebraake@gmail.com
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💬 2022-01-05 inoreader: > POST /accounts/ClientLog > User-Agent: curl/7.19.7 > Host: www.inoreader.com > Accept: */* > Content-Length: 27 > Content-Type...

Use "ENV" Instruction on Windows Image
How to use "ENV" Instruction in Dockerfile for Windows images? In a Linux environment, the "ENV" instruction does two things in the image build process: Providing a local variable for subsequent instructions as $var or ${var}. Inserting an environment variable to the Linux image. However, the "ENV" ...
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Docker Data Storage - Bind Mounts
How to create a new Bind mount to a Docker container? Bind mounts may be stored anywhere on the host system. They may even be important system files or directories. Non-Docker processes on the Docker host or a Docker container can modify them at any time. You have two options "--volume" and "--mount...
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Export and Import Docker Image Files
How to Export and Import Docker Image Files? If you want to move a docker image from another system to run, you can follow this tutorial. 1. Export the Docker image a file on the old system. fyicenter# docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE fyi/cuda 1 1a4cb45485ee 10 minutes ago 3.91GB n...
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Introduction of EPUB 3.2 Specification
Where to find tutorials on introduction of EPUB 3.2 Specification? Here is a list of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by FYIcenter.com team on introduction of EPUB 3.2 Specification. What Is EPUB 3.2 Specification Changes on EPUB Packages 3.2 Changes on EPUB Content Docum...
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"docker help" Commands
How use the "docker help" command? The "docker help" command allows you to learn how to use "docker" command. It has 3 levels of helps. 1. "docker help" - Top level help. It lists top level commands and options. For example: fyicenter# docker help Usage: docker [OPTIONS] COMMAND A self-sufficient ru...
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What Is EPUB 3.2 Specification
What Is EPUB 3.2 Specification? EPUB 3.2 Specification is the 3.2 version of EPUB specification, released on May 8, 2019. EPUB 3.2 is considered as a successor to both EPUB 3.0.1 and EPUB 3.1. EPUB 3.1 did not receive wide adoption due to incompatibilities with previous versions, so EPUB 3.2 was dev...
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Changes on EPUB OCF 3.2
What are changed made on EPUB Open Container Format (OCF) 3.2 specification? EPUB Open Container Format (OCF) 3.2 specification has the following changes. 1. Encryption and Compression Order - The order of encryption and compression has been clarified. The new rules clarify that compression is not n...
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Commands Available on Windows Container
What commands are avaible on a Windows container? Can I run the "DIR" command? No. You can not run the "DIR" command on a Windows container directly, because "DIR" is not really a Windows command. "DIR" is actually sub-command valid in the "CMD" shell environment. On a Windows container, you can onl...
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Commit New Image with Updated Docker
How to create/commit a new image from the running Docker? I want to keep those changes on the Docker. If you have made those Conda, Python and CUDA Toolkit changes on the nvidia/cuda Docker, you should follow this tutorial to create/commit a new custom docker image. 1. Verify the running nvidia/cuda...
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Types of Docker Data Storage
What are Docker data storage types? There are 3 main data storage types supported by Docker: tmpfs mounts, volume mounts, and bind mounts. 1. tmpfs mounts - tmpfs mounts are stored in the host system’s memory only, and are never written to the host system’s filesystem. 2. volume mounts - Volumes are...
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Guest Post Submission Inquiry
Hi, I was outreaching for a Guest Post and found your website. When I started to search on your Website I saw http://dev.fyicenter.com/XML-t o-JSON-Converter.phpon this page. and I want to paste my Website link https://www.utilities-online.i nfo/xmltojsonon this page. Please let me know if you are i...
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Changes on EPUB Packages 3.2
What are changed made on EPUB Packages 3.2 specification? EPUB Packages 3.2 specification has the following changes. 1. Changes on "package.metadata": The portrait value of the rendition:spread attribute is deprecated. The rendition:viewport property is deprecated. The meta-auth property is deprecat...
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Changes on EPUB Content Documents 3.2
What are changed made on EPUB Content Documents 3.2 specification? EPUB Content Documents 3.2 specification has the following changes. 1. The dated references to HTML and SVG have been replaced with undated references. 2. Replacement of EPUB Style Sheets with CSS References. 3. Prioritization of Aut...
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FYIcenter XML to JSON Converter
FYIcenter XML to JSON Converter is an online tool that converts an XML document to a JSON text string.
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Errors in GeographyofBliss_oneChapter.epub
What are validation errors in GeographyofBliss_oneChapter.ep ub?If you have downloaded GeographyofBliss_oneChapter.ep ubfrom the adobe.com sample eBooks page , you may see validation errors with EpubCheck: C:\fyicenter&gt; java -jar epubcheck.jar GeographyofBliss_oneChapter.ep ubValidating using...
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"docker run microsoft/dotnet-samples" - Test Run
How to do a test run on the "microsoft/dotnet-samples" Docker image? "microsoft/dotnet-samples" Docker image is a good base image that supports .NET platform on Windows 10. You can try with with the "docker run microsoft/dotnet-samples" command: 1. Create a container and run it from microsoft/dotnet...
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